Strategic and Working Plan

The Strategic Plan (RENSTRA) 2010-2014 of UB Chemistry Department was conducted based on the fact that most of RENSTRA 2006-2011 targets have been reached, so it is decided to make new RENSTRA, which also reflect UB Chemistry’s image, working hard and always low profile (unpretentious). The Chemistry Department always strives to be one of the best performing majors at the national level as well as at the international level, in an effort to realize the vision and mission of the department. This can be seen, among others, on UB Chemistry’s journey to create the current conditions, especially to achieve the highest rank of the department at the national level. Currently, the Department of Chemistry as part of Universitas Brawijaya directs its attention to the World Class, Entrepreneurial University with a broad understanding, which includes graduates and research products recognized at the international level, in the hope that can be achieved by developing Entrepreneurial University so that the development of UB Chemistry Department is not limited only to World Class University, but includes Entrepreneurial University. With this approach, UB Chemistry Department is expected to develop into A Leading World Class, Entrepreneurial University in Asia with success in an accelerated program at RENSTRA 2010-2014. The program that will be launched in the next period is expected to deliver UB Chemistry Department to A Leading World Class, Entrepreneurial University at Asia Pacific level and finally on the world level. The preparation of RENSTRA is prepared based on RENSTRA Faculty and University by taking into account the need and availability of available resources in the Chemistry Department and also socializing the programs that will be launched. With the compilation of RENSTRA of Chemical Department, UB Chemistry Department’s performance will be expected to be improved to realize its vision with program prioritization supported by the effective and efficient use of budget. Finally, it must be admitted, that in its compilation, it is far from perfect, as the saying goes “no ivory is not cracked”, so constructive advice is desirable. File : Rencana Strategis dan Program Kerja 2010-2014.pdf