Quality Manual

Scope: Quality Manual and SMM Unit

This quality manual is a guideline for implementation of quality management of Chemistry Department and is a requirement of quality management system fulfilled by work units in UB Chemistry Department. This Quality Manual is structured with reference to standard requirements and ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System clauses with implementation guidelines in IWA2 education services: 2007, Indonesian government regulations, requirements for quality standards for the implementation of S-1 and S-2 BAN-PT accreditation and quality standards of World Class University (WCU QS Asia).

The Quality Manual of the Chemistry Department is structured to control the management of higher education of international standard quality and meet the regulations of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, the requirements of the University Quality Management System. This Quality Manual also explains the elaboration of the relationship between the organization structure of Chemistry Department, quality policy, quality of education implementation objectives and Internal Quality Assurance System in Chemistry Department of FMIPA UB. This Quality Manual is exempted for procurement of goods and laboratory management of analytical services. Department of Chemistry FMIPA UB undertakes the assurance of the quality of education as accountability to the stakeholders to develop the quality of education in the Department of Chemistry FMIPA UB in a sustainable manner. Thus, the quality of education in FMIPA UB Chemistry Department is recognized not only internally but also externally by National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT) or international accreditation body. In the application of the SPMI Internal Quality Assurance System, the Chemistry Department ensures that the quality culture is understood and implemented by all parties, and controlled. With this SPMI, Chemistry Department will be able to establish and realize its vision through the implementation of its mission (deductive aspect), able to fulfil requirement / satisfy stakeholders (inductive aspect) that is a requirement of society, work world and professional. Therefore, the Chemistry Department prepares the SPMI documents as follows: